Josh is in a category of his own. He combines that rare skill of understanding technology and translating it to the needs of the business user. I was privileged to work with Josh for many years on multiple projects. Each time Josh went above and beyond what was asked of him. He is a highly skilled technology professional who adds extreme value to any team. I recommend Josh to any client or team.
— Melanie M.
I worked closely with Josh and his team for three years while at ACS. Josh has the highly desirable trait of being both extremely technical AND personable. In IT it’s rare to find individuals who have the ability to dive into the technical weeds yet jump in a meeting with senior level executives and present and communicate effectively. Josh manages teams with ease and confidence, handles stressful situations with tact and grace and exceeds in whatever project he may be involved with at the time. I highly recommend Josh to any organization looking for a seasoned technical leader.
— Matt R.
In my work as a Technical Project Manager at ACS I relied heavily on Josh’s technical expertise to complete highly complex systems projects. Josh was the leading engineer in the work that we did. Josh’s work required perseverance, know-how and leadership. He used all of those traits to drive toward the successful completion of our projects. Josh was also the person that we would turn to when technical issues arose. I fully recommend Josh Williams.
— Christopher L.
I had an opportunity to work with Josh on a Citrix opportunity. I was the lead architect and Josh was the Citrix SME and Delivery expert. We worked together on that project for about 3 months. In that time, I learned that Josh really is a subject matter expert in both Windows Server and Citrix and that he has a fantastic attention to detail that I came to admire. He is very client-facing, an unusual trait for a technical person, and has a calm demeanor which paid off enormously in the environment we were in.

I truly appreciate his focus, I know he had many other things going on while we were working through the deal, and he was key in helping us develop and deliver a great SOW. More importantly, he helped us win the contract.
— Joe T.
Josh’s insight on people-management is remarkable, stands along with the team and guides the team to think out of box during critical issues resolving stages. Understands the capabilities of the individuals and provides opportunities of growth. His vast expertise, domain knowledge and leadership skills is really a great asset to the company.
— Manu M.